Living Backyard

Would you like to create a wildlife friendly backyard?

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Attracting wildlife to your backyard naturally is both easy and rewarding. It can be very enjoyable watching native birds flitting about the garden feeding on flowers and insects or listening to the croaking of frogs. It also provides additional habitat and natural corridors for our wildlife to move, feed and shelter.

Our Living Backyard zone provides all the information required to create a wildlife friendly backyard. Whether you want to attract frogs, birds, butterflies, bees or other wildlife you will get all the tips and a whole lot more.

In this space you can…

  • Learn from the experts about helping and caring for the native flora and fauna in our community.
  • Buy local, native plants for your property.
  • See vibrant displays and a full-size native garden with water feature.
  • Speak with a variety of exhibitors with a wealth of knowledge about backyard nature conservation
      • Australian Native Bee Association
      • Barung Landcare Nursery
      • Birdlife Sunshine Coast
      • Coolum Community Native Nursery
      • One Earth Landscaping and Education
      • Queensland Frog Society
      • Wildlife Volunteers Association (WILVOs)
      • Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery

Find out about Sunshine Coast Council’s environment and sustainability programs and projects, such as:

  • BushCare Sunshine Coast
  • Coastal Discovery Van
  • Community Gardens
  • Environment Levy
  • Flying-foxes
  • Land for Wildlife
  • Recycling and Waste
  • Shorebirds
  • Street Tree program
  • Tips for buying, building or renovating a comfortable Sunshine Coast home
  • Listen to amazing experts presenting on a wide range of topics across the four days of the Expo
Coastal Discovery Van - youth engaging
Living Backyard
Living Backyard