Plants at Queensland Garden Expo

Plants Galore!

Queensland Garden Expo will showcase the biggest range of plants you are likely to see anywhere in Queensland in one location.

55 nurseries have already booked their sites for 2019 and are busily getting an amazing range of plants ready for July.

Whether your are interested in callistemons or camellias, grevilleas or geraniums, fuschias or ferns, or roses or rhododendrons you will find something you simply must have as well as some rare and unusual species for sale as well.

All of our nursery owners are experts in their field and will be excited to share with you the best way to care for your plants once you get them home.

You’ll find most of the nurseries in the undercover pavillions as well as a few scattered out on the oval, be sure to stop by any one of them and ask for a recommendation on what would best suit your garden at home.

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